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Logic Team Presenting Memento to Sri Sri Ravishankarji

Introducing CPA USA

Ever Rolling Trophy from IMA 2018

Happyfied Campus Award by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Mathrubhumi News Paper 16/10/2018

Mr. Kip R Krumwiede from IMA (USA) is speaking about Logic

Ms. Latha Murali, BDM, IMA (India)

Mr. Rishi Malhotra, Community Relations Manager IMA (USA)

Ever Rolling Trophy from Indian Medical Association

The New Indian Express

CA Final 40th Rank Holder Iwin Thomas

CA Final 29th Rank Holder Mohammed Adhil

ISDC Direct - Luciya Real - Martin Speaks about Logic

The Hindu , on 28th December 2016

The Indian Express on 28th Dec 2016

IMA - LOGIC conference on 17th Dec 2016

Teachers Day Special: Times Classifieds on 5th Sep 2016

The New Indian Express on 27th June 2016

CMA India Rank Holder: Mathrubumi 3/09/2016

Mega Quiz Event 2015: Mathrubumi News

LOGIC - IMA - WILEY Conference : The New Indian Express

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