9 Easy Tips to Crack your CA Exams

CA exams are the holy grail of aspirants who are looking to land plum jobs in the field of finance. Scores of student take the CA exam after several months of classes in training and preparing at CA coaching institutes. But the number of students who actually manage to pass these exams remain very low. The exam is divided into three levels –

1. CA Foundation

2. CA Intermediate

3. CA Final

Conducted by the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), the apex body of accounts in India, the exams are conducted twice every year, May and November.

Often considered as one of the most difficult exams in the world, CA students need to cram almost 12,000 pages of study material in CA coaching classes.  But you can conquer your fears and anxiety attacks and achieve your goals if you focus and follow our 9 easy tips to crack the CA exams.

1. Manage your Time:

Learning time management is crucial when cracking the CA exam. You should set your sights on scoring high and give up on time wasting activities like social media, TV watching and spending time with your friends. You can do these later; what you should do is create a time management strategy and stick to it. Plan your study time with a 3-4 hour period for each study time.

2. Daily Study:

Daily studying is important to get through the CA exams. However spending more than 10-11 hours in study can tax your brain. You need to practice question papers for every subject with time allotted to answer all the questions within a specified time limit. This practice will help you while completing your final exam within the time frame, giving you some time to recheck your answers at the end.

3. Self Evaluate:

Practice question papers should be the self-evaluation tool that you use to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Practice will also make you confident and helps you to review your preparedness. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis of your answer paper will help you plan in preparing during the final leg before the D-Day. You can strengthen your weak areas but also build upon your strengths so that you score well.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice:

Go through the solutions of previous questions to familiarise yourself with possible questions. You will find that there are a few questions and topics that are repeated year on year. If you prepare for these, you can aim at achieving a good score for your CA exams.

5. Divide and Revise:

Every CA level has a large portion to cover. A good strategy to follow is “Divide and revise”. Divide your subjects into smaller modules and then do your revisions.

6. Mock Exams:

You will be highly tensed and stressed on the day of the exam. Mock exams are a sure shot way to understand the feel of the exam day and to be prepared for it. Mock exams test not only your knowledge but also your speed and writing skills, all of which play key roles in your final performance. These tests will help you set your time limit when you answer your paper.

7. Be healthy:

It is essential to take care of your body while being buried in your books. It will keep your mind alert and your body fit. Regular exercise can even reduce your stress levels. Sleep for a minimum of 7 hours every night and eat healthy nutritious meals. Also, remember to hydrate yourself by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. Avoid junk food and eating out in the run up to your exam day to avoid falling ill. Don’t be over-stressed; stay confident and focused, and you will finish well.

8. Say bye to www:

Information is readily available on the internet, but it can be a potential time waster with social media and other avenues of entertainment. Keep away from the internet during the preparation days so that you can utilise your time and energy on your syllabus. It is advisable to turn off all notifications on your phone and set a fixed time limit to browse the internet.

9. Stay positive:

The last leg of the CA race can be both mentally and physically strenuous. Stay positive and be calm; this will boost your confidence and help you score well. If you worry too much before your exam, it may hamper your best performance.

Cracking every level of the CA exam is essential to be certified as a Chartered Accountant, but that does not guarantee you a good career path. It is important to score well to be selected by a good CA firm.

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