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A Detailed Guide to Company Secretary Programme

Bygone are the days when teaching, engineering, banking, and medicine were the only career choices for students. To help you achieve your dream career, there are many certifications available now to pursue. However, choosing the right one according to your aptitude and ability is always tricky.

Company Secretary(CS) career is one such demanding profession that the world is seeking to pursue. Company secretaries are responsible to ensure that the company policies and practices are financially and legally acceptable. They need to ensure whether the organization complies with all the legal codes. As a CS, one needs to be efficient to coordinate flawlessly between different departments of the business.

So if the CS career is tempting you, please take a look at the course and its details to get a clear insight.

What is CS Programme?

A “Company Secretary” as defined as per the Company Secretaries Act, is a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Obviously, to gain the membership in ICSI, you should complete the 3-level CS course provided by the institute. A certified Company Secretary is an expert in corporate governance and plays an important role in legal management. Also, the person will be proficient to perform secretarial audits for the company. A certified member can perform various roles such as compliance officer, executive secretary, chief Advisor and many more in an organization.

CS Exam

The three levels of CS exam include 8 months Foundation, Executive and Professional Programme. The candidates with 10+2 should start with the Foundation Programme. But graduates can directly opt for the Executive Programme. However, to pursue Professional Programme it is mandatory to complete Executive Programme successfully. The exams of each level will be conducted twice a year, mostly in the month of June and December. The minimum duration for the course is 8 months. However, it is required to complete the programme within the 3 years of registration.

CS Course in Detail

In the Fundamental level, the students have to familiarize themselves with the 4 papers of fundamentals of business and accounting practices. The Executive programme includes 7 papers in two modules that are focused on company auditing and accounting practices, company laws, and tax laws. On the other hand, the Professional Programme has 4 modules with nine papers. In this level, the focus is mainly on corporate governance, strategic management, and other advanced topics. The exams conducted at each level will be of 4-hour duration.   

CS Training Programmes

The candidate pursuing CS course is supposed to undergo different training programmes. These training programmes are focused on developing the students’ skills, personality, and professionalism. It also helps to acquaint them with the corporate environment. The students will master the role they need to perform in a dynamic business environment and to withstand in the corporate culture. The training is provided by industry experts and experienced faculty. They can help the students to gain practical knowledge in company secretary roles.

The three training programmes of the CS Course are detailed below:

Student Induction Programme (SIP) – The duration of the course is 7 days and students needs to complete this programme within six months of the registration.

Executive Development Programme: The students have to undergo this 8-days programme following the successful completion of the Executive Programme.

Professional Development Programme (PDP): The students have to undergo the 25 hours PDP course following the successful completion of the Executive Programme.

15 Months Management Training: During this 15 Months Management Training, the students have to undergo the training under a certified CS in practice or with a company registered for providing training.  

Besides, the student has to undertake a 15-days training in agencies such as stock exchange, management consultancy or banking institution. However, this should be after passing the professional programme.

Management Skills Orientation Programme (MSOP): This 15-days programme is to be completed after passing the Professional Programme and 15 months of management training.

So you want to become a company secretary? Well, if you are very passionate about pursuing a CS course in India, find the best CS training centre to follow your dream career. If you are looking for an institute to get the best CS coaching classes in Kerala, Logic School of Management will be the ideal choice.



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