CPA vs MBA: Which One is Better For Your Career & Salary?

CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant and is governed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). It is a financial accreditation that comes with a global status and is perfect for the people looking for job options out of India. However, MBA stands for Master of Business Administration is a PG Degree that is awarded by many institutes and universities in India. Though the course MBA has been touted as your perfect entry ticket to a wonderful career that comes with fat pay cheques, things have been changing in relation to the course. The following post will be reflecting on the comprehensive comparison between MBA and CPA. Find which course comes with better job prospects and bigger salaries. You can also find a reference for the best CPA Coaching Centres in Kerala.

The course comparison

The MBA, a 2-year PG course is a general management course which is best suited for the people that wish to have a career in various management job roles. The various specializations of MBA include HR, Marketing, Finance and many other areas. Though the course is being provided by many universities and institutes, if you wish to have a dream run, then you must clear CAT. This is the national level entrance test which is conducted for admissions in IIMs which are the top-notch institutes in India for MBA. If you obtain an MBA degree from any other average or Cadre-B college, then it is equivalent to any other PG degree. Hence, if you wish to have a dream career in management, then you must acquire an MBA degree from the selected few premier colleges in the nation.

CPA, however, is a much more exciting and rewarding course. The basic requirement for the CPA is 4-year graduation. However, it is not available in India. So, either you should have an M.Com or MBA degree in order to have 120 credits that are required for the course. The eligibility criterion is 120 credits which are earned via 4 years graduation. However, this is as per the graduation programs taught in America. India has a 3-year graduation program which gives you only 90 credits. Since there is a shortage of 30 credits, graduates can make up for these 30 credits by attending a bridge course.

A B.Com graduate is eligible for 90 credits and would need to do a bridge course if one wishes to earn the 120 credits required for the CPA. This bridge course is provided by Logic School of Management and the course as such is simple to pass. After passing the bridge course, students get 30 credits which are combined with the 90 credits from graduation, to make a total of 120 credits.

You can directly get admission for CPA course at the Logic School of Management (LSM). LSM is unquestionably the best place for CPA Course in Kerala as well as Bangalore. The CPA courses in Kerala is currently provided by independent bodies like LSM that are directly affiliated with the governing bodies of the accreditation. Further, the person appearing for the CPA should complete the four exams within 18 months. The exam centres are usually outside India and the candidates will have to attend the exams in a centre outside India. Dubai is one such centre is preferred by a lot of candidates as their exam centre.

The norm is that the candidate should complete the exams within a span of 18 months from the first exam. This means, if a person appears for the first exam and clears it, then the next three exams must be completed within 18 months. Also, it should be noted that if the person clears the first three exams but fails the fourth, he has to write the 4 exams all over again. This is applicable if the 18 months expire… every student can attempt each paper multiple times within this time.

Understanding the Exam Windows for CPA

There are four exam windows. The candidate can choose any window. If a person fails in one exam in a window, say Jan-March window, he cannot appear for the same exam in the same window but in another window.

If a person fails one exam in Jan-March window, he can attend the next three exams in the same window, but he can only attend the failed one in the next window.

There are many institutions which provide CPA classes but their course duration varies. At Logic, the CPA classes span over 12 months to provide intensive training and the classes are given in such a way that it prepares the student to clear all the exams in 18 months. So without any doubt, one can say that Logic is one of the best CPA coaching centres in Kerala. Logic school of management provides CPA Courses in Bangalore & Kochi.

Career Prospects in CPA and MBA

Like we said above, the MBA can guarantee you a good career with pretty good salaries only if you do the course from a leading institute. However, the number of seats is very less and the competition is high. So, a very few percentages of the MBA aspirants get admissions in the reputed colleges. After the course, the absorption is available on all kinds of management jobs such as IT, Finance, Marketing, Strategy and HR, etc. The packages and designations vary from company to company. The odds of getting absorption outside India are low right after the course completion. However, with experience, you can switch to some jobs abroad.

CPA doesn’t require passing from a particular institute as it is an accreditation. Further, as a CPA professional, you can assume the job roles of an auditor, accountant, tax advisor and also render services in areas like financial forensics, business valuation & personal financial planning. The Accounting standard followed is US GAAP and where ever there is US companies there is scope for a CPA- USA. It is truly a “Global Public Accountant”.

The final verdict

So, when it comes to making the final choice, it totally depends on you. CPA is a better course than an MBA if accounting is your interest. It also opens the avenues of the international job market for you and you get perfectly equipped for the various roles in any part of the world. However, MBA is good only if you pass it from a premier institution and if your area of interest is management in general.

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