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Central government job opportunities for a company secretary

If you are trying to pursue the course of a Company Secretary and have been wondering over the kind of job opportunities you will be offered or if you have just completed the course and are analyzing the various odds of getting the Government Jobs under the Central Government, then the following post will be one of the most useful things you will come across in the internet today. Before we outline the various job opportunities for Company Secretary, let us a have a brief overview of the course; the areas a Company Secretary can get a job in; various job options and prospects of all kinds of jobs.

Company Secretary – Course, Expertise and Employment Prospects:

  • The Company Secretary is a compliance officer of a company that offers in-house legal advice; is expert at the Corporate Law; Security Law; Corporate Governance and Capital Market.
  • Being the chief advisor to the Board of Directors that offers the best advice on the Corporate Governance and responsible for all regulatory compliances, the Company Secretary is a planner and strategic manager of all walks of Corporate Workings.
  • The expertise areas of a Company Secretary are:
    • Corporate Laws Advisory and Representation Services
    • Financial Market Services
    • Management Services
  • There are various other expertise sub-areas in all the above-mentioned ones and thus, the course prepares multi-disciplinary professionals with the core understanding of all the technical and allied counterparts of a work entity.
  • A Company Secretary can either work as an independent professional or go for employment in Private, Public or Government sector.
  • Being the key managerial personnel, it is mandatory for every company to have a company secretary that offers all kinds of legal, financial, managerial and representational services to the CEOs, CFOs and Managing Directors or Board of Directors.
  • Well, having had an introductory grasp over the various job responsibilities and areas of expertise for a company secretary, let us move onto the various Government Jobs the professional can take.

Company Secretary Job Opportunities – Government Jobs:

  • There are many Government Job Opportunities for a Company Secretary in various sectors. With the privatisation and globalisation of various Government Sectors and many companies and brands running in the partnership of the Govt and Private Sector, the job opportunities are on the rise and there are many options to choose from.
  • The major Government Vacancies for Company Secretary that can be taken are as follows:
    • Air India
    • KIOCL Limited
    • IRCON
    • CHiPS or Chhattisgarh Infotech Promotion Society
    • Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited (GAIC)
    • Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (MPSEDC)
    • IRSDCL
    • BBNL
    • APGDC
    • PIPDIC
    • BDL
    • BSRDCL
  • There are many more names that are reputed and offer various Company Secretary Vacancies at various roles and designations.
  • As a company secretary you are employed as:
    • Legal and Secretarial Officer
    • Finance Officer
    • Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
    • Human Resources Management
    • Information Technology Manager and Consultant
    • Corporate Communication and Public Relations
    • Taxation Expert
    • International Trade and WTO Services
    • Takeover Code, Mergers and Amalgamation Expert
    • Securities Compliance and Certification Services
    • Public Issues, Securities and Listings Management
    • Representation Service
    • Secretarial Compliance
    • Audit Compliance and Certifications Services
    • Corporate Governance Services
    • Corporate and Financial Advisory Services
    • Corporate Secretarial Services
  • These roles and designation names will vary from office to office, but the core responsibilities of each role will remain the same. The Government Vacancies are announced on the official websites of the departments of various Ministries such as Agriculture, Mining, Metal, Electricals, Industrial Investment and lots more.
  • If you wish to stay at a much exciting side of the job spectrum where corporate culture is more than the routine nature and mundane life of Government Jobs, then you can opt for the offices that are held in a joint manner by the Government and Private Firms. The work culture and environment at the Private end of such offices is more or less like a corporate one and is exciting and bustling all the time.
  • With audits and financial revisions; managing the human resources; establishing the ground rules and managing the partnership rules; offering legal advice for any issues of conflict and many more such things will keep a Company Secretary on his or her toes.

Government Jobs – Salary Standards:

The salary offers vary as per the job profile, the company status and the candidate experience. The freshly graduated candidates with no experience might be offered something in between INR 35000 to INR 50000 per month the experience candidates that are being absorbed via internal channels or even the general recruitment process will be offered much more.

What makes the whole prospect of a Government Job for the Company Secretary better than the Private Companies is the job security and regularity. Rest, everything depends on your preferences and abilities.

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