Which is better after B.Com – CMA USA or MBA

The world of career sees a myriad of opportunities in the future that will pave the way for a more integrated workforce. Though there are many new emerging domains that are absorbing people at high rates, the fact that you have to be extremely good to have a rewarding career still stays true. In the light of ‘global jobs’ people are looking for earning some global certifications and standardized courses. The studies are also not limited to the colleges; universities or schools. There are independent bodies that are members of reputed standardizing authorities for a discipline that provide various short term and long term courses.

So, the students don’t have to rely on the age-old university system to get a qualification for taking some sterling job. Another trend that has been making changes in the job scenario is the universal courses that have universal absorption. So, students don’t have to rely on giving the national level aptitude tests only. They can carve a reputed career for themselves by pursuing many other courses as well.

CMA USA is one such impressive global standard course in management and accounting. The course is gaining popularity at an immense level everywhere in the world. CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant that is a highly respectable and influential designation. The importance and value of the course can be understood from this simple fact that CMA professionals have an excellent rate of absorption in all over the world. Further, all the major names in the world from every sector are looking for professionals that have this qualification. CMA is a course that is recognized globally. However, an MBA is a course that can make a huge change to your life only if you complete it from the 10-15 highly reputed colleges in the country.

This post reflects on a comprehensive comparison of both these courses as far as a B.Com graduate is concerned. Further, we will also cite the institutes providing the best CMA USA classes. So, here we go!

CMA USA VS MBA for B.Com. Graduates:

  • CMA USA is an international qualification and is one of the best certifications for people seeking jobs abroad. The main domains are Financial accounting and Cost & Management accounting. The job opportunities and pay scale are lucrative and the professionals can enjoy a life with an amazing career. MBA, on the other hand, is a general Masters Degree in management that can be done in various disciplines. You have to take and qualify various national level entrance exams for just admission in this course. The sterling colleges have hefty fees and you have to take a huge loan for it. If you complete the MBA course from the regular colleges, it is just equivalent to another PG Degree that doesn’t add many stars to your resume.
  • You can study in the CMA course without disturbing your current vocation or schedule. You can study it in regular batches; Sunday batches; online and even via the distance program.
  • The CMA USA course spans over a duration of 8 months and inclusive of the training period; you can complete the course within 1 year. Logic School of Management provides CMA USA classes and has been producing excellent professionals for years now. The institute plans everything such that the training and professional experience period is completed by the time exams are over. This way, the students don’t have to waste their time. There is no such entrance exam for admission in CMA USA classes.
  • Earlier, when the MBA was gaining popularity, like 10 years back, there was a huge demand for the management professionals. Though the demand is still there, the magnitude and absorption rate has gradually reduced over the years. The professionals are more suited to the modern and complex business scenarios of modern times. Hence, they are better than MBA professionals when it comes to business and management accounting.
  • B.Com. graduates have a good understanding of the basic principles of accounting and business etc. They have a better scope of jobs and better opportunities after completing CMA USA. This will also keep their specialization intact. However, after the MBA, they might or might not land in a job that employs their skills.

So, CMA USA is better than the MBA for the B.COM graduates in the following manner:

  • Absorption rate and job opportunities
  • Jobs abroad
  • In terms of money and time required for getting the qualification

However, you will be able to make the most of this opportunity only if you choose the right institute for the best CMA USA classes.

LSM or the Logic School of Management is an excellent management institute that has official collaborations and certifications from the global bodies responsible for CMA USA. Logic pioneered the CMA USA education in India 15 years ago and has been continuing its growth with the best pass percentage in Asia. Also, Logic is one of the only 2 Platinum Partners in India. So, for a sterling career as a CMA professional, join hands with LSM. For more information, please visit http://logiccpacma.com.