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Growth and Benefits of a CMA professional in the Job Market

CMA stands for the Certified Management Accountant and is one of the most reputed designations that come with a promising career and fat pay-cheques. The career avenues for the CMA professionals are varied and glittery without any doubt and the fact that the certification is recognized and is in high demand is what makes it highly popular. Though the career choice as a CMA professional is brilliant, it is very important to have a preparation and training partner of repute as well. This will ensure that every kind of investment in the pursuit of being a CMA professional doesn’t get waste at all. The following post will be reflecting on the benefits and growth of a CMA professional and the best CMA Training in Cochin that can be chosen by all the aspirants.

CMA – A Brief Overview:

  • CMA is one of those very few certifications in the world that are recognized at the international level and are in high-demand. With the advent of the technical facet of the economy and the financial entities that govern the finance and accounting departments of the businesses and organizations, it became an absolute necessity to have a certification that can create a talent specially designed and trained for the current scenarios and environment. Hence, the CMA.
  • CMA opens the avenues of the overseas jobs; especially the US for all the people that wish to settle abroad. CMA is a US qualification and is thus, in high-demand there as well as the MNCs, outsourcing nations and various other conglomerates where the US has a representation or investment.
  • CMA makes you eligible for employment on various designations. You can choose any one of the following job profiles after the CMA completion:
  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Financial Risk Management
  3. Management Consulting & Performance Management
  4. Financial Analysis
  5. Venture Capital
  6. Financial Planning
  7. Internal Auditing
  8. Corporate Finance (M&A, IPO, Share & Debt Issues)
  9. Corporate Governance
  10. Information Technology (especially as applied to accounting)
  • Apart from joining some company for employment, you can also choose to provide financial and accountancy consulting for various companies and firms as an independent agency. It is always profitable to have a start-up once you have a credible service portfolio that is high in demand.

Having had an overview of the CMA professional benefits, let us now move on to find what kinds of companies can be chosen by the CMA for employment.

The CMA professionals can choose the following types of companies for employment:

  • Multinational Companies
  • Financial Consulting (Private or Employed)
  • Financial Services (Private or Employed)
  • US Based firms and organizations (Initiation of your foreign job career)

The current job market has outsourcing, globalization, offshore development and FDIs as the crucial operative terms that have made the international standards and global certifications highly aligned with the demand. Hence, the career options such as CMA are predicted to become even more profitable and more reputed with the passing time.

Best CMA Training in Cochin – Exploring the Options:

Having had an understanding of the certification and the various options after the course completion, let us now move on to find how the aspirants can train themselves in the best manner. The following section will comprise details on the institute that provides the Best CMA Training in Cochin and what makes it the best.

The Logic School of Management is the Best CMA Training in Cochin; not only because of the mere claims that are present on all the websites and official channels; but because of the fact that the institute is an authorized partner of IMA USA and Wiley for CMA USA Courses and India’s Exclusive study-partner of Hock International for CPA USA Courses. Having a team of brilliant experts of all the fields of accounting and finance, the Logic School of Management or LSM provides the Best CMA Training in Cochin. The institute provides coaching for all kinds of accounting and finance exams of both the national and international repute.

The CMA certification requires various kinds of investment inclusive of the efforts, time and money. As the course is an expensive one, it is of utmost importance that it is done from someplace that is perfect in all manners and provides the best possible training.

Best CMA Training in Cochin – Why LSM??

  • The Logic School of Management is the authorized partner of IMA and Wiley
  • The institute provides mentoring by Global faculties till the student passes the exams
  • There are Global Live Online Classes at Night
  • The institute offers special benefits in the IMA fees
  • LSM is the number one producer of USA CMA professionals in the nation and sends the maximum number of Indian Candidates to IMA every year.
  • Another fact that makes the Logic School of Management provider of the Best CMA Training in Cochin is that the pass percentage at the institute has been  consistently high since the past 10 years.
  • The complete course for CMA takes 6 months to 1 year for completions and has only 2 papers.
  • With its status as an authorized partner of Wiley and IMA, the LSM can provide you with all the technical and administrative guidance. The institute doesn’t just stop at the course as it will help you grab the best-salaried jobs at both the national and international levels.
  • Another thing that makes the Logic School of Management the place for the Best CMA Training in Cochin is that the institute provides LIVE online interactive videos that can be attended to after the working hours. This means that you don’t have to stop working while preparing for the exam.

To get enrolled in the best CMA Training in Cochin and to get more information of any kind, please log on to and stay ahead in the game; all the times..!!!

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