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Is CA really hard? How does one become a chartered accountant?

Being an accountant is a passion for many people. What makes people aspire to do it and dedicate years of their lives preparing to be a chartered accountant is the umpteen benefits the professional reap. Yet you hear things about the difficulty level of the exam and hardships you have to face while doing the articleship. For beginners, it is normal to have confusion about the structure of CA and what the course entitles.

Is CA really hard?

Let’s face it. The exam is not very hard. It can be attempted by students who have completed 12th standard, graduates and professionals. The syllabus and examination are modelled in a way that even students can crack them. But, still, it is considered as one of the hardest tests to crack in India. That is actually because of the unrealistic expectations, poor learning strategy and incompetent coaching students receive.

Does that mean CA is really easy? Can I take the exam without any preparation?

Just because something is not too hard, in reality, does not mean that it is a walk in the park. CA requires dedication, preparation, and hard work. More than anything, you require a proper strategy to deal with the chapters and exams. Studying from every available resource will not help you. You need to figure out what exactly can help you in achieving the best result.

How do I start the preparation? What is the syllabus?

  • CA Foundation

If you aspire to become a chartered accountant after your 12th board examination results been published, you have 5 months to prepare for the entry level exam. Meanwhile, you can take coaching to improve your understandings on the basics. The entry-level exam actually is pretty simple. It covers mostly the topics you have already studied in your school if you have attended the commerce stream. The papers include both objective and subjective types of questions. The easier subject to score will be accounting if you have taken them in school.  There are four papers you need to appear for. The first one is the Principles and Practices of Accounting. Paper two covers Mercantile Law and General English. In Paper 3, you will have to cover Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics while in Paper 4, you need to study Business Economics & Business studies and Commercial Knowledge


  • CA Intermediate

Once you have cleared the foundation examination, you will now require to prepare for the CA intermediate level. You will have 9 months to do so. The syllabus for the intermediate level is comparatively vaster but if prepared right by adopting proper strategies you will be able to score extremely well in the intermediate level exam.

To clear this level, proper coaching is really inevitable to get the opportunity to prepare under the guidance of the best CA faculty.  Logic is one of the best CA Intermediate training institutes in Ernakulam where you can practise getting good coaching. Remember to get the coaching within 6 months so that you will have 3 months for revision and preparation by yourself.  You will also be required to attempt mock tests and practise papers to do well in the exam.


  • Articleship Training

The CA aspirants can start their articleship training once they have completed at least one of the two groups of CA intermediate. 4 weeks ICITSS training needs to be completed by those who have passed both groups of CA intermediate. It will help you save time. The candidates who have appeared in a single group should start preparing for the next group. If you feel like you cannot manage both articleship and clearing the second group at the same time, then you should complete your CA Intermediate first and then go with articleship training.

If you are aiming at reputed big brands after becoming a chartered accountant, do not forget to do your articleship in a big firm as well. Try to get your articleship done from any one of the Big 4, PC Modi & Co or an MNC. This will increase the value of your articleship and you will be hired by the best once you have completed all your exams.  Do work on Income Tax, Audit, and GST etc. while you doing your articleship. Do not go for small firms if you are aiming big in your career.


  • CA Final

After having completed both groups of CA intermediate you can now register for the CA finals. But in order to appear for the exam, the candidate needs to clear Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (AICITSS). Remember, this is the challenging last yet the biggest step in your CA journey. Hence, do not hold back but try your best to crack it with the utmost enthusiasm.

Kerala being one of the biggest education hubs in India provides the best coaching for CA aspirants in India. If you are planning to join for regular CA classes in Kerala, Logic offers you the finest coaching for CA at Kottayam, Kochi, Trivandrum and various other parts of the state.

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