Which is the best option for your career? CA, CS or CMA

There comes a stage in life where all you need to figure out is the best career option. It is not easy to select from the various options available. Remember the time when we felt that selecting a course amongst science, humanitarian studies, and commerce, was going to be the biggest decision of our lives? Choosing a career option is even more confusing than that as it will make us the person we have had always wished to be.

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CPA vs MBA: Which One is Better For Your Career & Salary?

CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant and is governed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). It is a financial accreditation that comes with a global status and is perfect for the people looking for job options out of India. However, MBA stands for Master of Business Administration is a PG Degree that is awarded by many institutes and universities in India. Though the course MBA has been touted as your perfect entry ticket to a wonderful career that comes with fat pay cheques, things have been changing in relation to the course. The following post will be reflecting on the comprehensive comparison between MBA and CPA. Find which course comes with better job prospects and bigger salaries. You can also find a reference for the best CPA Coaching Centres in Kerala.

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Company Secretary Course Details | How to Become CS?

CS or Company Secretary is one of the most sought after jobs by the people that have some background in finance and accounting. Defined as a profile that is responsible for managing all the highest level financial and general planning of companies and ensuring that a company runs as per the laws, CS is one awesome JOB! However, to acquire this awesome job, you have to take and pass some really hard papers. And, if it is not enough, you have to fulfil some professional working requirements as well.

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Which is better after B.Com – CMA USA or MBA

The world of career sees a myriad of opportunities in the future that will pave the way for a more integrated workforce. Though there are many new emerging domains that are absorbing people at high rates, the fact that you have to be extremely good to have a rewarding career still stays true. In the light of ‘global jobs’ people are looking for earning some global certifications and standardized courses. The studies are also not limited to the colleges; universities or schools. There are independent bodies that are members of reputed standardizing authorities for a discipline that provide various short term and long term courses. Continue reading Which is better after B.Com – CMA USA or MBA

CMA Exam Study Tips

CMA, or Certified Management Accountant, is a professional certification in the field of financial management and management accounting. This certification is used to signify that the holder has the appropriate level of knowledge and skill in the areas of financial analysis and planning, control, decision making, and support skills along with the professional ethics expected from a CMA degree holder in the industry. Though CMA is a certification which is US-based, this certification is recognized around the globe. Institute of Management Accountants is the authority which issues this certification. Continue reading CMA Exam Study Tips

Which is better CMA India or CMA USA?

CMA India or CMA USA, which of the two is better? In whose favour does the consensus tilt? Many in the field rank CMA USA higher than CMA India, but that is not to say that the latter is of a lesser value. On the contrary, CMA India is highly valued; it is just that CMA USA is seen, as a better value proposition, for many reasons.

That being said, it is important to note that CMA India and CMA USA are almost the same, with respect to knowledge and information that is acquired. However, there are certain subtle differences that give CMA USA an edge over CMA India. These have more to do with the way the exam is conducted, and not the course material. Continue reading Which is better CMA India or CMA USA?

Best financial courses other than CPA and CMA?

Financial professionals have a choice of financial courses that they can pursue to further their career, seek promotion, get a pay hike or establish an independent financial business. There are a host of accounting courses available, which you can use to better your professional profile.

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