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How to Increase the Chances of Completing your ACCA Exam Successfully?

From arriving at the exam centre at the right time to reviewing your answers in the end, enhancing the chances of completing your ACCA exams successfully at your next sitting depends on several important factors. Since passing ACCA is not a simple matter, right planning, preparation and disciplinary approach are necessary to clear all the papers in the first shot itself. Approaching the exam in its right way should be given paramount importance because your performance at the exam hall depends on how you deal with exams in a tranquil mode and as effectively as possible.

Following are some of the tips to successfully complete ACCA exams in the next shot.

Reading Time Instruction for ACCA Exam

Plan in such a way to get enough time before the exam so that you can approach the exams in a tranquil state of mind. Effective use of planning and reading time could help to answer the questions in a well planned and structured manner. While reading the questions, understand the key requirements for each question and ensure that you answer the questions correctly and to the point. Have an understanding of what the examiner demands before you start to answer the question.

ACCA Needs Time Management

Time management is an important factor while attending professional course exams like ACCA. First of all, make sure that you are answering the right number of questions and spending the right amount of time on each question according to its mark availability. While the Applied Knowledge exams of ACCA are three hours long, Applied Skills CBE-exams are three hours and 20 minutes long. The candidate needs to spend the extra 20 minutes given to the Applied Skills CBE exams for the extra 10 marks objective test questions which are included to check the reliability and security of exams, though it does not directly contribute towards the students’ score. Hence, before processing with the exam, you need to spend the time to read the exam instructions carefully. Ensure that all the question requirements are properly understood. To know how much time you should spend on each question, consider the total exam time and allot time as per the mark so that you will not waste your time on low mark questions

Answer to the Point

Proper planning and presentation of the answer with the utmost clarity is key to success in the ACCA exam. Answering in a structured and organized manner with highlight to key points will increase the chances of getting a high score. Using headings, bullet points, tables, diagrams and charts that justify your answer will also enhance the prospects of scoring maximum marks. Detailed answering to several points give the examiner the impression that you have a clear understanding about the topic. Before attending the exam, go through the marking schemes and examiner reports so that you can understand these aspects clearly.

Don’t Leave any Question Unanswered

It is always advisable to leave no answer unanswered. But don’t spend too much time on the question which you don’t know the answer. Leave it and try to answer only after attempting all other questions. If you don’t know the answer to a question, state your assumptions and you will be given some credit if your inferences are reasonable. Also, if you think you don’t have time to complete the answer to a question, simply list all the main points and then only start answering in detail. Whatever, try to answer questions you know first and leave ambiguous ones towards the end.

Review Your ACCA Answers

If you could answer all the questions in time, spend your extra time reviewing the entire questions and answers once again to make sure that you haven’t missed any part. This extra time can be used to improve the answers you felt unsatisfactorily done. Always keep in mind that the examiners are not just looking for a display of your knowledge; they want to know how well you can apply the concepts in the right context. So improving your answers is always recommended by educators while attempting exams like ACCA.

Here Lies the Success Result of ACCA Exams

The success of your exams lies in the way you approach your exams and what all techniques and strategies you apply to achieve your goal. Proper planning and preparation will help you enter the exam hall with full confidence and peace of mind. ACCA coaching institutes play a significant role in helping students achieve greater success and the dream of becoming a professional ACCA personnel. Logic School of Management, one of the best ACCA coaching centres in India aids the students by helping them ensure that they have covered the entire syllabus long before the exam time with enough revision and practice questioning.

No matter, what all strategies you follow, your success lies in your resolution and commitment towards doing best in the ACCA exams. So, set your goal, prepare and be confident for your upcoming ACCA Exam. If you have any queries, get in touch with the best ACCA training institute in your location.

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