Common Pitfalls to avoid during CMA -USA exam preparation

The CMA –USA (Certified Management Accountant) offered by IMA (Institute of Management Accountant) certification is one of the most respected and sought-after professional credentials among management and finance professionals around the world. CMA (USA) courses are designed to meet the most demanding international standards. Not only does the certification guarantee great career opportunities and earning potential, CMA professionals commonly achieve primary decision-making roles in multinational enterprises.


In spite of all the incredible professional advantages they have, CMA exams are not as hard as they are made out to be. The right strategies implemented while keeping in mind certain essential facts; can help you pass the exam with flying colours. Below, we explore the most common mistakes that CMA aspirants make during their exam preparations and discuss how best to avoid these pitfalls.


  1. Lack of Planning

This is one of the primary reasons for unsuccessful results. A lot of students don’t take the time and effort to effectively plan out and stick to their study schedule. Instead of trying to learn everything at one go, it’s best to divide it into little parts and then conquer these individual parts at regular intervals. This way the students save a lot of stress and hurry during the last few weeks, and can spend an appropriate amount of time with revisions.


  1. Low Confidence

You can only truly achieve what you think you can. A lot of students look at the beast that is the CMA and it scares them so much that it drains them of the confidence to prepare effectively. In some extreme cases this lack of self-confidence paralyses their preparations entirely. The remedy is to approach the preparations with a clear head and an explicit idea of your own learning capabilities. This can help you plan your schedule in such a way that it complements your body’s natural rhythms and doesn’t tax your inherent learning potential.


  1. Going it Alone

On the opposite end, some students tend to get overconfident and underestimate the syllabus, thinking that they can get through it quickly and without any help. This is usually a bad idea. It would be best to register for full-fledged or classes with a reputed CMA – USA coaching centre. Not only does this help you clarify your doubts and polish up on the most important concepts, but it also allows you to connect with others like you. Engaging with your fellow CMA aspirants and sharing your troubles can lessen stress and boost your confidence.


  1. Constant Worrying

Stress is a major issue among young and old aspirants of professional courses. Worrying overtly about the outcome of the exams can strain you both physically and emotionally and have serious negative effects on your preparation. The best course of action in such cases is to remind yourself that a failed exam is not the end of the world, and that you can always try again. Positive thinking can help you overcome feelings of frustration and prepare more effectively.


  1. Ignoring the Need to Rest & Recharge

Just like any machine, the human body also needs fuel to function. This fuel usually comes in the form of a healthy diet and enough rest. A lot of students, especially during the last few weeks before exams, are so ingrained in their studies that they cut down on their sleep and adopt unhealthy dietary habits, like too much coffee or junk food. This can have a negative effect on their preparation. Adopting physical exercise, meditation or yoga can help you recharge better and improve concentration.


Though these tips can help you overcome some of the biggest difficulties you might face during your preparation, the most important point to remember is that you are the best person to help you. So approach your preparations strategically, stay calm, join a CMA – USA coaching class and don’t be afraid to seek help. And best of luck for your exams!

How to maintain concentration during CMA – India exam preparation

Becoming a Cost and Management Accountant means that you have earned a highly valued professional credential from the world’s most respected management and accounting competency organization. It puts you in a stellar league of just over 85,000 highly qualified professionals from around the globe. It almost guarantees you higher earning potential when compared to non-certified professionals.CMA professionals in India can choose from a whole spectrum of extraordinary job opportunities.


If you are an aspiring CMA (INDIA) or ICWAI professional, unnerved by the Herculean reputation of the exams, we’ve got some good news for you. With the combination of the right strategy and some diligence, there’s no reason why you can’t clear the exams in your first attempt. The first step, of course, is to have a clear idea of what the course and the certification is about, and to develop an interest in what you’re studying. Beyond this, if you’re struggling with your preparations and having a hard time maintaining concentration, here are some tips to help you out.


  1. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

The right kind of scheduling is an important part of any endeavour. Whether you are preparing for your exams part time or full time, having a strict timetable can save you a lot of stress at the end, while helping you conquer your entire syllabus efficiently. A timetable can also help you identify at what times during the day you’re most alert and productive. This helps youutilize your body’s natural rhythm to maintain concentration and study more effectively. If you are having trouble sticking to a timetable, using a timer can prove handy.


  1. Get the Right Coaching

The right advisors and coaching team can have a game-changing effect on your CMA goals. Joining a reputed CMA course can help you clear your syllabus step-by-step while gaining a deeper understanding of the most important concepts. The coaching institute can also guide you through solving practice papers and previous year questions. It is also a place for you to connect with fellow aspirants and engage in group studiesand revisions before your exams.


  1. Stay Away From Digital Distractions

For all the engagement and easy connectivity that they provide, digital technologies can be a bane for a student in the 21st century. E-mails, social media and the internet in general is a vast and tempting labyrinth that can distract you for hours. All it takes is your momentary response to a notification. To maintain focus and concentration, find a nice, quiet place to study – free from digital, physical and audible distractions and interruptions.


  1. Effective R&R

The right kind of relaxation can be godsend for your concentration. Everybody has a natural work cycle, striving beyond which, they start getting fatigued and unproductive. Once you identify yours, it’s necessary to take regular and intermittent short breaks. These breaks should be used efficiently instead of surfing the web or catching up on social media. Doing yoga, meditation or solving puzzles like Sudoku can also help improve your capacity for concentration and memory.


  1. Smart Recharge

Just like any taxing physical activity, studying for long periods of time can tire your brain and drain your mental capabilities. This is why it is important to recharge and replenish your mind every study cycle. Avoid fried, oily and sugary foods and adopt a diet rich in healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Too much of coffee or tea can also be bad for your concentration. To ensure that you don’t burn out and stay alert during the day, make sure that you get enough sleep and physical exercise.


For all the flak that they get about their difficulty, CMA (INDIA) exams are not that hard to crack. All you need is a well-thought out strategy, a bit of time investment, the right coaching and some dedicated, concentrated studying. We wish you the very best for your exams!


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