How to become a chief financial officer after college?

A Chief Financial Officer or CFO is one of the most respected and high-paying job designations across the globe. Depending on the kind and level of the organization the professional is employed with, the pay-cheques get fat and the designation gets powerful. The following post will the outlining a complete career chat that will help you become a chief financial officer or CFO after college and of course, the best partner for this intent and purpose. Before we venture into the career path for becoming a CFO, let us understand the job roles, responsibilities, career opportunities and various other crucial integrals of the job.

Chief Financial Officer – Qualifications, Job Roles and Responsibilities and Other Important Information:

  • In every organization, the Chief Financial Officer is the highest officer to make decisions related to the finances and accounting and provide impeccable leadership assistance at all times.
  • The various departments that are under the control and administration of a Chief Financial Officer comprise of a myriad such as pricing, purchasing, tax, debt, accounts payable and the investments.
  • All the transactions in all these departments and maintaining a perfectly synchronized record of them at all times; ensuring that all the audits and finance allocation and management is done without any error and malicious intent that might be harmful to the organization is one of the implied responsibilities of the job profile.
  • Further, with times changing and every office becoming compliant with the international standards and technological advancements, the Chief Financial Officer will also manage the online books; accounts; databases; external and internal audit records and presentation of classified and perfectly recorded information to the upper management.
  • Thus, the Accounting Courses for becoming a CFO are becoming highly popular are predicted to be in the Top Game for a long time ahead.
  • Major Tasks handled by a CFO are:
    • Internal Audit completion and classification of information in an intelligent manner to reveal patterns and other such derived information
    • Financial Compliance Management
    • Market Forecast and Expenditure management and reporting
    • Management of all kinds of finances across the whole company
    • Recording all the financial transaction across the whole company
  • The various divisions and categories of specialization for the Chief Financial Officer are as follows:
    • Managerial Finance
    • Financial Innovation
    • Financial Corporate Strategy
    • Operations Manager
    • Director of Operations
    • Business Manager
    • Director of Administration
    • General Manager
    • Finance Manager

Apart from being appointed as the Chief Financial Officer, the CFO is also a member of the Board of Directors and can also choose to go for various other roles such as People Management, Resource Management and other such profiles that require a perfect understanding and balance of theoretical knowledge and leadership.

Well, having had a good grasp of the various roles and responsibilities of a Chief Financial Officer, let us understand the Accounting Courses and Chief Financial Officer Courses or Qualifications that you are required to acquire and complete in order to become one.

Chief Financial Officer Qualifications – Education and Courses Required:

  • Masters Degree in Tax, Accounting, Auditing, Finance and Investing
  • Several years’ work experience as an on-hand expert
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) might be or might not be compulsory
  • A thorough knowledge and understanding of various key areas such as Financial Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Corporate Financial Reporting, Auditing, Applied Statistics and Business Taxes.
  • Apart from the one-time course, the CFOs are urged to grow and learn consistently and join the CFO Alliance or the US Chief Financial Officers Council or the American Society of Association Executives or other such global platforms to be on the top at all times.
  • A general career path to become a Chief Financial Officer would be to acquire a graduation degree in Management or Accounting. First, you have to Learn Accounting and then specialize in the various Accounting Courses such as CA. As CFO requires to be expert at perfect management of Accounts and Finances in an organization and is a crucial member of the major administration, just one specialization is not enough.
  • Hence, opting for a Global Certification or Qualification such as ACCA is a must. It equips you with the best knowledge and the qualification to run the high office and become a pioneer that excels.

To know more about ACCA and to start your career as the CFO, please log on to

Central government job opportunities for a company secretary

If you are trying to pursue the course of a Company Secretary and have been wondering over the kind of job opportunities you will be offered or if you have just completed the course and are analyzing the various odds of getting the Government Jobs under the Central Government, then the following post will be one of the most useful things you will come across in the internet today. Before we outline the various job opportunities for Company Secretary, let us a have a brief overview of the course; the areas a Company Secretary can get a job in; various job options and prospects of all kinds of jobs.

Company Secretary – Course, Expertise and Employment Prospects:

  • The Company Secretary is a compliance officer of a company that offers in-house legal advice; is expert at the Corporate Law; Security Law; Corporate Governance and Capital Market.
  • Being the chief advisor to the Board of Directors that offers the best advice on the Corporate Governance and responsible for all regulatory compliances, the Company Secretary is a planner and strategic manager of all walks of Corporate Workings.
  • The expertise areas of a Company Secretary are:
    • Corporate Laws Advisory and Representation Services
    • Financial Market Services
    • Management Services
  • There are various other expertise sub-areas in all the above-mentioned ones and thus, the course prepares multi-disciplinary professionals with the core understanding of all the technical and allied counterparts of a work entity.
  • A Company Secretary can either work as an independent professional or go for employment in Private, Public or Government sector.
  • Being the key managerial personnel, it is mandatory for every company to have a company secretary that offers all kinds of legal, financial, managerial and representational services to the CEOs, CFOs and Managing Directors or Board of Directors.
  • Well, having had an introductory grasp over the various job responsibilities and areas of expertise for a company secretary, let us move onto the various Government Jobs the professional can take.

Company Secretary Job Opportunities – Government Jobs:

  • There are many Government Job Opportunities for a Company Secretary in various sectors. With the privatisation and globalisation of various Government Sectors and many companies and brands running in the partnership of the Govt and Private Sector, the job opportunities are on the rise and there are many options to choose from.
  • The major Government Vacancies for Company Secretary that can be taken are as follows:
    • Air India
    • KIOCL Limited
    • IRCON
    • CHiPS or Chhattisgarh Infotech Promotion Society
    • Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Limited (GAIC)
    • Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (MPSEDC)
    • IRSDCL
    • BBNL
    • APGDC
    • PIPDIC
    • BDL
    • BSRDCL
  • There are many more names that are reputed and offer various Company Secretary Vacancies at various roles and designations.
  • As a company secretary you are employed as:
    • Legal and Secretarial Officer
    • Finance Officer
    • Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
    • Human Resources Management
    • Information Technology Manager and Consultant
    • Corporate Communication and Public Relations
    • Taxation Expert
    • International Trade and WTO Services
    • Takeover Code, Mergers and Amalgamation Expert
    • Securities Compliance and Certification Services
    • Public Issues, Securities and Listings Management
    • Representation Service
    • Secretarial Compliance
    • Audit Compliance and Certifications Services
    • Corporate Governance Services
    • Corporate and Financial Advisory Services
    • Corporate Secretarial Services
  • These roles and designation names will vary from office to office, but the core responsibilities of each role will remain the same. The Government Vacancies are announced on the official websites of the departments of various Ministries such as Agriculture, Mining, Metal, Electricals, Industrial Investment and lots more.
  • If you wish to stay at a much exciting side of the job spectrum where corporate culture is more than the routine nature and mundane life of Government Jobs, then you can opt for the offices that are held in a joint manner by the Government and Private Firms. The work culture and environment at the Private end of such offices is more or less like a corporate one and is exciting and bustling all the time.
  • With audits and financial revisions; managing the human resources; establishing the ground rules and managing the partnership rules; offering legal advice for any issues of conflict and many more such things will keep a Company Secretary on his or her toes.

Government Jobs – Salary Standards:

The salary offers vary as per the job profile, the company status and the candidate experience. The freshly graduated candidates with no experience might be offered something in between INR 35000 to INR 50000 per month the experience candidates that are being absorbed via internal channels or even the general recruitment process will be offered much more.

What makes the whole prospect of a Government Job for the Company Secretary better than the Private Companies is the job security and regularity. Rest, everything depends on your preferences and abilities.

Good Luck!!


Is an accounting degree worth it?

Have you been recently finding out the best CA training institutes in Calicut to start your career in accounting? Have you been worried over the current market scenario or have met someone that didn’t make it big after taking education at one of the most excellent CA colleges in Calicut? Or do you have any other doubts of such types in your minds? Then, the following post is going to be a really helpful thing you can come across the internet today. Before we begin with the real stuff, let us understand one thing – Accounting and Finance is MONEY. You work with money; you make MONEY!!!

Future of Accounting:

  • Accounting and Financing is a field that requires constant learning and hands-on knowledge of the relevant and allied technological as well as accounting advancements. So, have one thing clear – “You have to be SMART and more than willing to keep sharpening that smartness in every aspect you discover every day”.
  • The future of accounting is shining brightly as the summer sun. Why? Because the current scenario is witnessing the development of start-ups and SMBs which is still in its nascent stages and WILL GROW in the coming years. With more opportunities being created every minute, the avenues for brilliant and competitive minds are expanding like anything.
  • With various Gold Standard Certifications available online these days, the future of accounting has been becoming more promising. The professionals can take the exams and acquire the certifications from anywhere in the world and make their resumes even more sparkling.
  • Technology aids in acquiring expertise and knowledge. The CA professionals can easily learn and search things, facts, numbers, and skills easily over the internet and make their jobs easier and better.
  • An even better thing is that the Global Certifications and courses are high in demand and are recognized globally. You can get the skills, education and field experience; top it up with the Global Qualification and Certification and get yourself a sterling job that pays as well as helps you grow as a professional.

Having understood the various things that assure about the Future of Accounting, let us move on to the other crucial aspect – the education and training that define whether your accounting degree is worth it or not.

Education and Training Prospects that govern the validity of your Accounting Degree:

Even before you hit the search button on the Google to find the best CA colleges in Ernakulam and start your accounting degree course; you should understand that the education, exam preparation, training, information available at your hand and the channels for professional exposure will play key roles in your life as an accountant. Though there might be hundreds of CA training institutes in Calicut that claim to be the best, the actual best ones, are really hard to find and acing their curriculum is even harder.

  • Try to interact with the people that have already established themselves as the CA professionals and find out some of the best training institutes in Calicut that you can join.
  • Next step will be to do the research and find out about the education methodology, placement statistics, training programs, courses and degrees that are offered there.
  • Find out whether the institutes have any MoU or associations with the foreign institutes or offer global degree courses or prepare the students for global careers. There are very few CA training institutes in Calicut that offer training and certifications for global qualifications such as ACCA and CMA etc.
  • Finally, visit and find out what makes the institute rank as one of the best institutes in Calicut.

Apart from the training program and curriculum preparation, the institutes that have prospects for the international qualifications and certifications are certainly better options because they open the avenues of international job markets. The courses and certifications such as CMA and ACCA make you one of the most sought-after professionals and guarantee fat pay cheques for your whole life.

What makes the difference??

  • Every career and every degree earns you money and helps you grow as a professional. It just depends on your mettle and your expertise. Hence, the accounting is worth it; like anything; given that you are smart and keep on working and acquiring newly emerging skills and knowledge all the way.
  • Accounting and Financing is a country-neutral field as well; depending on the profiles and job avenues chosen by you. It is also one of those fields that allow you to land in jobs abroad without much hassle once you acquire the international degrees or certifications.
  • The last, but not in any sense the least, the CA colleges in Calicut that you will be choosing for exam preparation and training will play a key role in deciding your career.

The Logic School of Management has been producing successful professionals in accounting and finance since decades and has established itself as a premier institute in the field. It is also the ‘Only institute in Kerala to be recognized by IMA-USA for CMA coaching’ and has provisions for the global qualifications and certifications in accounting and finance. The LSM also has affordable CMA course fee in Kerala.

5 Major Challenges of a CA Professional

Chartered Accountant is a job profile which is lucrative owing to the money as well as professional growth avenues it opens. With the ease of doing business increasing steadily in the recent past, the number of start-ups and SMBs is gradually increasing which in turn has increased the demand for CA professionals around the globe. Though the CAs are high in demand and every year millions of students are graduating and enrolling in CA courses in Kerala, there are various challenges that should be understood well by all the aspirants to have a better understanding of their careers and lives as the CA Professionals. The following post will be highlighting the major challenges encountered by the CA Professionals and the best CA courses in Kerala that will help you prepare for these challenges ahead.

CA Professionals – Challenges that lie ahead:

1.Constantly updated top-notch knowledge base:

Though there are thousands of CAs that are absorbed every year, before you get persuaded to enroll in the classes for CA coaching in Kochi, it is important to understand that it is of extreme importance to stay informed of all the changes, introductions and amendments of Tax Reforms and other such regulations introduced by the Government from time to time. You just can’t rely on your sources and internet for instantaneous learning. Proper learning and knowledge acquiring are good, but regular updates and consistent improvement is what keeps your career going up always.

2.Training Matters:

One of the most determining challenges faced by the CAs is the difference between the level of training and real-world work scenario. It is of utmost importance that the CA courses in Kerala that you took assisted you in finding the most relevant and best source for the training as per your interests and mettle. If you idle away the time, then you can forget about opening your own practice one day because you will be ending up with zero professional knowledge of accounting and financial consulting in the real world.

3.Growth and Sector Specialization:

CA professionals have to make an extra effort and keep their working arena diverse and high-cadre to ensure that career grows and they don’t get lured into the shiny web of sector specialization. The sector-specialization can harm your growth and limit your professional career prospects. The reputed and the best institutes for CA Coaching in Kochi offer counselors and guides to help you steer your career in the rightmost direction and can also help you in finding new clients with proper training and mindset development.

4.Sensitive Exposure:

The CAs are always in the risk zone because they have access to some of the most sensitive and highly-confidential data and transactions of a company. In fact, if you are working for a big corporation or MNCs at a respected designation, then you will be having all the dirt on them in your hands and at your mercy. In such situations, it is of extreme consequence to guard the information and don’t let the beans spill as this might lead to huge fiascos and professional setbacks.

5.Degrees, Courses, and Certifications:(h2)

Earlier, CA used to be the ‘IT’ thing of the financial and accounting world. But, the times and requirements have changed now and people are requiring talent armed with a thorough knowledge of modern day technology; understanding of vast areas of accounting and of course, a backing of some gold standard certification. There are various names and brands that make your CV look good such as CMA, Company Secretary, and ACCA etc that not only open the avenues of jobs abroad but also help you in keeping your skills diversified and your pay cheques FAT!!

However, it goes without saying that these degrees and certifications will demand serious inputs in terms of time, money and efforts. So, be prepared!!

Some other challenges that are waiting for you after the course completion are:

  • Personal Issues:
    The CAs have to work overtime; they might have to neglect their health and rely on the caffeine and drinks for kick-starting their nerves; they generally tend to opt for high-paying immoral clients for making quick money and might also lose their independence all the while trying to do shady finance management and consulting.
  • Constant Pressure to excel and stay ahead in the game
  • Exploring the career abroad or keep sailing in your mainland
  • Finding out the best CA courses in Kerala that can help you ace your exams and careers side by side.

How to deal with these challenges??

Having read the pain-points, let us understand how to deal with them. Choosing a right CA Coaching in Kochi will obviously help. Proper professional manner of preparation and training; expert guidance from the counselors and teachers; an environment that aids in learning; an institute with connections in various top-tier CA absorption channels so as to guarantee placements and higher study guidance – all these calls for a career that shines and a professional that excels.

The Logic School of Management is the best institute that provides all kinds of coaching and CA Final Coaching Classes in Ernakulam. To know more, please visit

Career Options after the Completion of CMA

CMA or the Certified Management Accountant is one of those high-paying and highly respected job profiles that only have the quality audience and quality people pursuing them. In the corporate accounting world, CMA is one of the most respected designations and is an advanced certification that has been specially designed for measuring and culturing the accounting and financial skills of critical level. With the number of organizations employing people based on skills and not just certifications, growing in number, the future of various global certifications lies in the fact that they maintain their standards, keep them at par with the current market requirements and educate the talent with an aim of generating professionals that are well suited for the high-level corporate workings. And one of the names that are included in the list of these global certifications and standards that are recognized as reputed everywhere is CMA.

Having had a grasp of the subject matter, let us move on to learn about the career prospects of a CMA professional and find out how it is better than all the trades chosen by all the ‘Sharma Ji ke Bete’ around you.

CMA – Why??

  • Before you set your foot onto the walks of becoming a CMA and start searching the best CMA coaching centre in Kerala, let us tell you why you should choose CMA of all the accounting options.
  • CMA has the international credibility and is the highest qualifications in the management accountancy.
  • CMA means international recognition as the IMA member (US Included!!)
  • CMA means building a robust foundation and knowledge base of management accounting and financial management.
  • Career opportunities available all around the globe.
  • Fat pay packets and shiny prospects.

Career Prospects for a CMA:

  • The CMA professionals have a bright future and career ahead. This is because of the fact that the standard and certification is recognized and respected globally and opens the doors of jobs abroad for the professionals.
  • The pay scale is highly attractive and the qualification is highly rewarding; especially in the current scenario when the terms such as globalization, outsourcing, off-shore development and FDIs are playing a crucial role in the overall global markets and trading.
  • In all the firms of all kinds and all scales, the CMAs are in high demand because of the fact that they are able to understand the workings of finance and accounting in a manner that is critical for the business growth and development.
  • CMAs can choose:
    1. Multi-National Companies
    2. Financial Consulting (Private or Employed)
    3. Financial Services (Private or Employed)
    4. US Based firms and organizations (Starter for your foreign job career)
  • Apart from the above-mentioned choices, the CMAs can also choose to become the independent financial consultant, advisor or trainer for various big companies or small firms depending on his or her capabilities and interests.
  • The CMAs are required in all the areas of business accounting and finance such as:
    1. Financial Accounting
    2. Financial Risk Management
    3. Management Consulting & Performance Management
    4. Financial Analysis
    5. Venture Capital
    6. Financial Planning
    7. Internal Auditing
    8. Corporate Finance (M&A, IPO, Share & Debt Issues)
    9. Corporate Governance
    10. Information Technology (especially as applied to accounting)
    11. Management and Cost Accounting
  • And yet another career prospect for a CMA with a promising future is CPA in which they can pursue studying for CPA and add the following to their already existing knowledge pool:
    1. Financial Accounting and Reporting
    2. Attestation
    3. Taxation
    4. Auditing
  • Another option is to go for Global MBA, mainly in Finance after which the students get employed on astonishingly high-paying and respected profiles.

Having read about the various career prospects of CMAs, let us now focus on the Best CMA Coaching Centre in Kerala that can help you realize your dreams with utmost precision and expertise.

Best CMA Coaching Centre in Kerala – Logic School of Management:

Since its establishment in the year of 2005, the Logic School of Management has been making history with its placements and results and has been adding laurels to its resume. With a highly brilliant faculty having a mindset of creating the best professionals for the global level, the Logic School of Management (LSM) has been rated as well we reviewed as the Best CMA Coaching Centre in Kerala by both the employers and the students.

LSM enjoys the status of being the ‘only institute in Kerala to be recognized by IMA-USA for CMA coaching’ which actually makes it the Best CMA Coaching Centre in Kerala. Apart from CMA, the LSM also runs batches for CA, CMA (USA), CMA (ICWAI), CS, ACCA, CPA, IFRS (ACCA, UK) and Practical Accountants.

The LSM has a state of the art infrastructure for promotion and cultivation of learning of all kinds. Apart from the faculty and infrastructure, the placement record of the LSM is magnificent with students getting placed in both the Indian and Foreign companies of repute. Rest, get enrolled and feel yourself why the LSM is called as the Best CMA Coaching Centre in Kerala.

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Growth and Benefits of a CMA professional in the Job Market

CMA stands for the Certified Management Accountant and is one of the most reputed designations that come with a promising career and fat pay-cheques. The career avenues for the CMA professionals are varied and glittery without any doubt and the fact that the certification is recognized and is in high demand is what makes it highly popular. Though the career choice as a CMA professional is brilliant, it is very important to have a preparation and training partner of repute as well. This will ensure that every kind of investment in the pursuit of being a CMA professional doesn’t get waste at all. The following post will be reflecting on the benefits and growth of a CMA professional and the best CMA Training in Cochin that can be chosen by all the aspirants.

CMA – A Brief Overview:

  • CMA is one of those very few certifications in the world that are recognized at the international level and are in high-demand. With the advent of the technical facet of the economy and the financial entities that govern the finance and accounting departments of the businesses and organizations, it became an absolute necessity to have a certification that can create a talent specially designed and trained for the current scenarios and environment. Hence, the CMA.
  • CMA opens the avenues of the overseas jobs; especially the US for all the people that wish to settle abroad. CMA is a US qualification and is thus, in high-demand there as well as the MNCs, outsourcing nations and various other conglomerates where the US has a representation or investment.
  • CMA makes you eligible for employment on various designations. You can choose any one of the following job profiles after the CMA completion:
  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Financial Risk Management
  3. Management Consulting & Performance Management
  4. Financial Analysis
  5. Venture Capital
  6. Financial Planning
  7. Internal Auditing
  8. Corporate Finance (M&A, IPO, Share & Debt Issues)
  9. Corporate Governance
  10. Information Technology (especially as applied to accounting)
  • Apart from joining some company for employment, you can also choose to provide financial and accountancy consulting for various companies and firms as an independent agency. It is always profitable to have a start-up once you have a credible service portfolio that is high in demand.

Having had an overview of the CMA professional benefits, let us now move on to find what kinds of companies can be chosen by the CMA for employment.

The CMA professionals can choose the following types of companies for employment:

  • Multinational Companies
  • Financial Consulting (Private or Employed)
  • Financial Services (Private or Employed)
  • US Based firms and organizations (Initiation of your foreign job career)

The current job market has outsourcing, globalization, offshore development and FDIs as the crucial operative terms that have made the international standards and global certifications highly aligned with the demand. Hence, the career options such as CMA are predicted to become even more profitable and more reputed with the passing time.

Best CMA Training in Cochin – Exploring the Options:

Having had an understanding of the certification and the various options after the course completion, let us now move on to find how the aspirants can train themselves in the best manner. The following section will comprise details on the institute that provides the Best CMA Training in Cochin and what makes it the best.

The Logic School of Management is the Best CMA Training in Cochin; not only because of the mere claims that are present on all the websites and official channels; but because of the fact that the institute is an authorized partner of IMA USA and Wiley for CMA USA Courses and India’s Exclusive study-partner of Hock International for CPA USA Courses. Having a team of brilliant experts of all the fields of accounting and finance, the Logic School of Management or LSM provides the Best CMA Training in Cochin. The institute provides coaching for all kinds of accounting and finance exams of both the national and international repute.

The CMA certification requires various kinds of investment inclusive of the efforts, time and money. As the course is an expensive one, it is of utmost importance that it is done from someplace that is perfect in all manners and provides the best possible training.

Best CMA Training in Cochin – Why LSM??

  • The Logic School of Management is the authorized partner of IMA and Wiley
  • The institute provides mentoring by Global faculties till the student passes the exams
  • There are Global Live Online Classes at Night
  • The institute offers special benefits in the IMA fees
  • LSM is the number one producer of USA CMA professionals in the nation and sends the maximum number of Indian Candidates to IMA every year.
  • Another fact that makes the Logic School of Management provider of the Best CMA Training in Cochin is that the pass percentage at the institute has been  consistently high since the past 10 years.
  • The complete course for CMA takes 6 months to 1 year for completions and has only 2 papers.
  • With its status as an authorized partner of Wiley and IMA, the LSM can provide you with all the technical and administrative guidance. The institute doesn’t just stop at the course as it will help you grab the best-salaried jobs at both the national and international levels.
  • Another thing that makes the Logic School of Management the place for the Best CMA Training in Cochin is that the institute provides LIVE online interactive videos that can be attended to after the working hours. This means that you don’t have to stop working while preparing for the exam.

To get enrolled in the best CMA Training in Cochin and to get more information of any kind, please log on to and stay ahead in the game; all the times..!!!

Good Luck!!


How to Increase the Chances of Completing your ACCA Exam Successfully?

From arriving at the exam centre at the right time to reviewing your answers in the end, enhancing the chances of completing your ACCA exams successfully at your next sitting depends on several important factors. Since passing ACCA is not a simple matter, right planning, preparation and disciplinary approach are necessary to clear all the papers in the first shot itself. Approaching the exam in its right way should be given paramount importance because your performance at the exam hall depends on how you deal with exams in a tranquil mode and as effectively as possible.

Following are some of the tips to successfully complete ACCA exams in the next shot.

Reading Time Instruction for ACCA Exam

Plan in such a way to get enough time before the exam so that you can approach the exams in a tranquil state of mind. Effective use of planning and reading time could help to answer the questions in a well planned and structured manner. While reading the questions, understand the key requirements for each question and ensure that you answer the questions correctly and to the point. Have an understanding of what the examiner demands before you start to answer the question.

ACCA Needs Time Management

Time management is an important factor while attending professional course exams like ACCA. First of all, make sure that you are answering the right number of questions and spending the right amount of time on each question according to its mark availability. While the Applied Knowledge exams of ACCA are three hours long, Applied Skills CBE-exams are three hours and 20 minutes long. The candidate needs to spend the extra 20 minutes given to the Applied Skills CBE exams for the extra 10 marks objective test questions which are included to check the reliability and security of exams, though it does not directly contribute towards the students’ score. Hence, before processing with the exam, you need to spend the time to read the exam instructions carefully. Ensure that all the question requirements are properly understood. To know how much time you should spend on each question, consider the total exam time and allot time as per the mark so that you will not waste your time on low mark questions

Answer to the Point

Proper planning and presentation of the answer with the utmost clarity is key to success in the ACCA exam. Answering in a structured and organized manner with highlight to key points will increase the chances of getting a high score. Using headings, bullet points, tables, diagrams and charts that justify your answer will also enhance the prospects of scoring maximum marks. Detailed answering to several points give the examiner the impression that you have a clear understanding about the topic. Before attending the exam, go through the marking schemes and examiner reports so that you can understand these aspects clearly.

Don’t Leave any Question Unanswered

It is always advisable to leave no answer unanswered. But don’t spend too much time on the question which you don’t know the answer. Leave it and try to answer only after attempting all other questions. If you don’t know the answer to a question, state your assumptions and you will be given some credit if your inferences are reasonable. Also, if you think you don’t have time to complete the answer to a question, simply list all the main points and then only start answering in detail. Whatever, try to answer questions you know first and leave ambiguous ones towards the end.

Review Your ACCA Answers

If you could answer all the questions in time, spend your extra time reviewing the entire questions and answers once again to make sure that you haven’t missed any part. This extra time can be used to improve the answers you felt unsatisfactorily done. Always keep in mind that the examiners are not just looking for a display of your knowledge; they want to know how well you can apply the concepts in the right context. So improving your answers is always recommended by educators while attempting exams like ACCA.

Here Lies the Success Result of ACCA Exams

The success of your exams lies in the way you approach your exams and what all techniques and strategies you apply to achieve your goal. Proper planning and preparation will help you enter the exam hall with full confidence and peace of mind. ACCA coaching institutes play a significant role in helping students achieve greater success and the dream of becoming a professional ACCA personnel. Logic School of Management, one of the best ACCA coaching centres in India aids the students by helping them ensure that they have covered the entire syllabus long before the exam time with enough revision and practice questioning.

No matter, what all strategies you follow, your success lies in your resolution and commitment towards doing best in the ACCA exams. So, set your goal, prepare and be confident for your upcoming ACCA Exam. If you have any queries, get in touch with the best ACCA training institute in your location.

Practise Yourself to Study Daily for ACCA Exams

To the crack the tough nut of ACCA exam (not only ACCA but all exams), it is really good to make it a habit of studying a little bit every day. Learning every day will definitely ease your revision and makes your exam preparation strong yet simple. Here are a few tips on how to achieve that elusive balance.

Learn Early/Late

People have different interests when it comes to working or learning time. Some feel fresh and sharp in the early morning; while some others find it easier to concentrate during night time to avoid the distractions. If you find it hard to keep a balance between your studies or work with other commitments, dedicate an hour or two in the early morning or time before bed and this will make a significant difference in the outcome. Whether it is work or study, you can complete a good amount of the material, without disrupting other parts of your routine.

Don’t Try to Flee

Most of us have a tendency to get holed up at home when there are a lot of assignments to complete and exams to prepare for. Being at home will pull down you into the relentless hours of sleep and frequent coffee breaks that are serious productivity killers.  Also, it is a bigger mistake to hide away from your studies or exam; prepare for it and try to score high marks. Don’t mix up your homely or personal affairs with studies; instead, find time for self-study and revise the portions you learned already. Before starting to learn, boost your mood so as to increase your productivity; it will definitely help you enhance your learning. Since ACCA is a professional accounting course, you need to be very much hardworking and disciplined in order to achieve great results. Despite rote learning, focus on highly motivated study method that helps to connect and apply the concepts you learned in your classroom.

Travel Time Learning

Though it cannot be considered as a substitute for the hard work and organised study, doing a small revision during your travel to the institute or way back home will sometimes give you an idea on which portion to be covered on that day or a glance at the points you studied last night. As technology has advanced to a greater extent, instead of old-fashioned textbooks and printed learning materials, you just need to carry a smartphone or tablet to make the quick learning much easier than ever. The interactive learning resources at your fingertips will not only make you feel active and but also will be perfect for a bit of extra practice.

Be Healthy and Get Enough Rest

When it comes to preparing for a serious exam like ACCA, you must take care of your health also. Since exam time is the period which puts a lot of pressure on your body and mind, it’s important to be healthy and peaceful for tackling the exam in a better possible way.  Like your body, your brain also needs rest in order to retain and utilise new information at the right time. The scientific evidence behind the importance of a good night’s sleep is not just a cliche, especially during the exam time; it’s true that putting excess pressure on your physique and mind will spoil the whole exam. Therefore, it is advisable to get some rest during the preparation for the better performance in the exams.

Regular Revision Matters

If you want to excel in your ACCA exam, make a habit of revision; if not started yet, begin it today itself. Just like playing a video game or a new sport, practice revision for effective learning. Doing a little revision every day will help to bridge the gap in your studies. Thus you can find time for other activities also.

Always keep in mind that passing ACCA in the first shot is not that easy. Hence, you need to be very organised and planning in your studies. Besides, regular revisioning and practising previous question answers can help a lot in cracking your exam difficulty. If you are still confused on where/how to start the preparation, get in touch with the accounting professionals and experienced faculties at Logic School of Management, one of the best ACCA training institutes in Kerala, which provides excellent training for aspiring professional accountants.

Everything you Need to Know about Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

So you aspire to become a Certified Management Accountant (CMA)? Still unsure about how to get started? Here are the details you should know before joining CMA training.

Opting for the CMA program is a great move to make your career thriving in management accounting. However, before getting into it, it is desirable to know everything about the course, qualification, eligibility, exam pattern, salary and the career prospects. To know everything about CMA, you need not go anywhere else; just relax and continue reading. By the end of it, you will get answers to all your queries related to CMA certification.

IMA Membership

The very first thing you need to obtain CMA certification is getting the membership in IMA. To acquire CMA certification IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) membership is a must. This is the crucial step every candidate fails to notice assuming that they can just sign up and attend the CMA Exam. The are two types of membership, student and professional. Also, the candidate needs to pay an annual IMA membership fee before entering into the program.

Requirements to get a CMA Certification

Apart from getting the IMA membership, candidates must meet other eligibility requirements including:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university/college or a related professional certification.
  • Pass the two parts of CMA exam
  • Two years of professional experience in management accounting or financial management.

You are allowed to join IMA and attend and pass the exam before completing these requirements. However, you will get the certification once you complete your bachelor’s degree and two years of professional experience. The CMA program lets you complete the course at your own pace. You may earn the CMA certification in six months or within 3 years of registration for CMA.

CMA Exam

Logic School of Management provides the best CMA USA classes in India to get over the exam hurdles. The two-part CMA Exam is entirely computer-based with four hours for each part. It’s 75 % Objective (100 questions) and 25% descriptive with no negative marks.

The part I of CMA exam focuses on the following syllabus.

  • External financial reporting decisions
  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting
  • Performance management
  • Cost management
  • Internal control

Part 2 of the CMA Exam focuses on the following areas

  • Financial statement analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • Decision analysis
  • Risk management
  • Investment decisions
  • Professional ethics

CMA Exams are computer-assisted and are conducted by prometric facility which has centres all across the world. Though you are supposed to schedule your CMA exams at least 72 hours prior, it would be better to schedule the exams four weeks in advance. The candidates are supposed to attend the exams in the following months.

January and February
May and June
September and October

Career Prospects after CMA Certification

Obtaining a CMA certification requires a substantial amount of effort and time. So before entering into the CMA program, take a moment to check how CMA is going to help you in your career development. Also, check whether this qualification is best suitable for your career, considering your education background and aspiration. However, getting a CMA certification opens a lot of career opportunities both in the domestic as well as the global job market. By enhancing your skills in finance, accounting and management, CMA certification entitles you to expand your career prospects. Also, you can accept job roles including Financial Analyst, Financial Risk Manager, Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Relationship Manager, Cost Accountant, Cost Manager etc.  

Salary of a CMA Professional

Just like any other job, the salary of CMA also depends on certain factors such as the designation, company size, years of experience etc. Bigger the company, the higher the salary will be. After completing a few years, it’s certain that you will be able to get a big amount as payment. No worries! Once you are awarded the CMA certification, you can expand your career and there will be no looking back.

Becoming a CMA will definitely help you increase your earnings and your corporate accounting career with greater prospects. With CMA certification, about 80% of the accounting professionals work in management accounting, financial accounting and various other sectors of accounting jobs.

Thinking about training institutes to help you join CMA and pass the exam? Don’t worry; a lot of institutes in India provide good coaching for CMA candidates. If you are looking for the best CMA training, get in touch with Logic School of Management, the leading training institute which offers training in CMA, ACCA, CA, CPA and other accounting courses. Logic School is renowned for its best CMA training in Calicut, Cochin and other major cities of Kerala. Don’t be late! Locate your nearest CMA training institute and prepare for the CMA exam in a time-efficient manner.

CA Exams- Mistakes you should Avoid to Pass

Worried about your CA exams? Definitely you will be, we know that; after all passing CA exams is not that simple. To say, there are no shortcuts; only hard work and patience will be paid off in the end. However, the past record shows that only a few students clear CA Final exam and most often the pass percentage lies upto a maximum of 10%.  

Know more about CA Exams

Before you go further ahead, keep in mind that CA Final is not just like any other accounting course. You have to be very disciplined and organized to clear the exam in the first try. The higher the level, the greater will be the difficulty. The CA Foundation exam might be easier for you to crack. But that’s not the case with CA Intermediate and CA Final exam; you must be very pre-planned to crack that tough nut. You might have been a school or college topper, but your senior secondary academic performance or score won’t favour you in CA exams. Please don’t lose hope: with hard work and good planning you can clear the CA Final in the first attempt itself. Also, you have to avoid some common mistakes that will weaken your chances to pass the exam.

Given below are some of the few things most CA students fail to address.

Not regular in the class:

 Being irregular in the classes will drop in a great trouble. Through skipping your classes, you are making a big mistake and it will definitely affect your CA exams badly. It’s a common tendency among the students to procrastinate their studies thinking that let the teachers complete the classes first.  But, it will adversely affect the studies, because if you are skipping the classes regularly, you will definitely miss the core portions and even if you try to study it later, the concept may seem incomprehensible. So, it is advisable to be regular in the class and study the concept within 24 hours so that you with proper revision and practice questioning, you can recall the concept during the exam time.

Fail to Execute Plans: 

Most of you might be good at planning; however, lack of execution of the plan will get you in trouble. So it would be better to stick to your plan and execute it properly to achieve success. Don’t postpone your studies for tomorrow.

Disregarding the ICAI Practice Manual:

Ignoring the practice manual of the ICAI is not a good decision. So, when you complete a particular topic or chapter, start practising the questions in the ICAI manual. Practising a lot of questions will help you get the presentation idea.

Dummy Articleship: 

This is one of the biggest mistakes committed by many CA students. Articleship also known as the golden period of a CA student, plays a crucial role in the entire CA career. More than just bookish knowledge, practical understanding is very much important. Good involvement in articleship will help the student to get practical knowledge in areas such as Audit & Assurance, Direct Taxes, Indirect Taxes, Internal Audit and more. A dummy training will not help you gather this knowledge. So, it is advisable to be systematic in your Articleship and the practice with the utmost interest.

Lack of practice by writing:

It is a common practice among the CA students to depend on calculators for solving the problems, due to the lack of time. However, it is not a good idea to answer the questions using gadgets. Solving the questions using a calculator will get you into confusions while presenting the answers during exams. In theory papers, you will get presentation skills by just reading and comprehending. On the other hand, in practical sections, the students are advised to practise the questions by solving them manually on papers instead of using a calculator.

No Self-analysis: 

Many students forget to do self-analysis while preparing for the exams. Even though you prepare and perform well in the exam, without self-analysis you cannot identify the drawbacks and pitfalls occurred in your studies.  By doing proper self-analysis, you will be able to know your weaknesses, and what all mistakes you should avoid to manage your CA Final exams in a very successful manner.

Still thinking of clearing the CA Final as a mountain climbing? We will help you out with the most advanced techniques and tips to tackle the exams in a very effective way. We provide the finest CA Final courses in Ernakulam, Kottayam and other major cities of Kerala leveraging our network of experienced teachers and rich amenities.